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Key Programming

The transponder key is a device used to transmit the radio signals from the handheld device on a remote receiver. It is normally found on vehicles and it is used to unlock or to start a car. It can also be found in the gate openers as well in the keyless gate system. Every key is programmed to be used with only one lock to reduce cases of theft.

The engine comes with specific car key programming and the engine has to recognize it as the correct key before it starts. The transponder can be in different forms and it can be concealed into the body. The transponder can be carbon or glass that operates on the circuit board. Regardless of the system that your car uses, you always need to have a spare key. The problem of having to stay out of your car because you have lost the key or because it has been stolen can be avoided easily by a spare key.

In this case, it is the right time to talk to Auto Locksmith Newcastle. We have all the required information about Transponder Programming in Newcastle and we are ready to help you. We can help you to re-program your key or to clone it. Our services are more convenient, faster and they are found at the fraction of the cost that you pay for a new key from your dealer. You can also get other additional car key programming done from us, such as having a remote control into the new key. However, you can still benefit from non-remote keys that work on the ignition or doors.  You can use it when you want to start the car.

With our company, Car locksmith Newcastle, you have the choice to go for remote or non-remote keys for most of the cars available on the market. Always think about us when your remote buttons do not work anymore or if they have totally worn out. We can help you to identify where there is a problem, if it is a dead or a remote battery.

However, when you replace the battery, you still need to use our transponder programming services in Newcastle. Sometime when you change the battery at your own, it is likely that your transponder chip may be lost or dislodged. In this case, you can always call us wherever you may be or you can come to our shop.

When it comes to getting new keys, you have the following options.

  1. - You can go to the auto dealership where you bought the car.
  2. - You can get a clone key, which is the replica of the key that you already have.
  3. - You can choose to have new keys and to get your car reprogrammed. 

Depending on the type of car, you have to be aware that some car keys cannot be cloned and you need new keys and new ignition.  You can always talk to us to get more information.


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